Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables and Spray Dried Products in Powder Form

Kunjal Agro Manufacturer and supplier of Dehydrated Fruits and Vegetables in Flakes and powder form. We also manufacture the spray dried fruits and vegetables in Powder form.

Natural Food

All products made here are 100% Natural, no artificial color or flavor added.

Trusted Quality

We are delivering our customers very good quality of food products.

Improve Health

We are always careful not to pull down any natural features, freshness.

Who We Are

Few Words About Kunjal Agro

Kunjal Agro provides the best quality dehydrated products and spray dried powder products in Mahuva, Bhavnagar. We deliver 100% veg products with best trusted quality.

Kunjal Agro initiates the Dehydrated fruits, vegetables and spray dried fruits and vegetables in the form of powder. We are manufacturing and trading dehydrated products like beetroot flakes, beetroot powder, ginger powder, garlic powder etc. in powder form.

We are dealing in spray dried products in powder from like tomato powder, tamarind powder etc.

Natural Process

Organic food products are produced without the use of any chemical or synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.

Homegrown Goodness

In India alone there were nearly 1.4 million organic food producers, more than any other country.

Dehydrated Products

 Dehydrated Garlic Powder,

Dehydrated Garlic Flakes,

Dehydrated White Onion Powder,

Dehydrated Red Onion Flakes,

Fried Onion (Birista),

More Products

Spray Dried Powder

Tamarind Powder,

Tomato Powder,

Cheese Powder,

More Products

Other Product

Dry Mango Powder (Amchur),

Green Chilli Powder,

Ginger Powder,

More Products